Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celebrating the Brilliance of Others

Every now and again I run across something so brilliant I want to share it with the world. Now I understand if cat herding just isn't your thing...but I would venture to say right now you would like to turn a seemingly impossible situation into your advantage. My hat is off to these gents for living boldly and living the dream.

I find it imperative in my leadership development to study other leaders. When I sit quietly and observe a leader in action I am able to learn in an intellectual and abstract manner. My logical mind is reveling in details, responses, and actions. It's a gorgeous symphony of all that could be. When I am in the spotlight I am so focused on concrete details my mind barely registers the subtle responses of others and if I do not seek feedback and reflect shortly afterwards I will lose many insights.

We all know leading people can be like herding cats, but it's up to the herders to entice and reward the herd with catnip, balls of yarn, faux-fur mice, feathers, praise, and other tempting treats. We all need positive reinforcement.  In my Toastmaster's club we say feedback is a gift and a portion of any Toastmaster's meeting is dedicated to evaluation. Good leaders are good evaluators. Good evaluators inspire struggling people to press on. Good evaluators inspire talented people to try and step out of their comfort zone and try one new technique. Good evaluators give solid advice and they celebrate the brilliance of others and those who observe earn a wisdom nugget and believe they too can do just a little bit better. Oh yeah, and good evaluators don't lose their herd.

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